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The information is out there and readily available. Let's use it to make meaningful change.

Numbers don't lie. Numbers don't care about political affiliation, vaccination status, or religion. A cursory review of the data suggest that de-funding schools will not improve outcomes. Let me work with stakeholders to improve your child's education.

Public education is a worthy investment for state government, with immense social and economic benefits. Research shows that individuals who graduate and have access to quality education throughout primary and secondary school are more likely to find gainful

employment, have stable families, and be active and productive citizens. They are also less likely to commit serious crimes, less likely to place high demands on the public health care system, and less likely to be en

rolled in welfare assistance programs.


Healthcare is broken. If anyone has a perfect solution I promise leaders nationwide would like you to speak up. Hospitals were crowded and flawed well before COVID-19 and when we are on the other side of this pandemic those problems will still be there; whether you are vaccinated or not. See my opinions below

  1. If you are a voter: I would never dream of offering up some magic piece of law that would solve all our problems. What I can assure you is that I am the most qualified person to make decisions about healthcare legislation.

  2. If you are human: Everyone has the right to death with dignity. We don't let our animals suffer needlessly, our loved ones should be given a choice.

  3. If you are vaccinated: You are safe and unlikely to suffer from serious illness/death. The unvaccinated are not ruining your life & they are not ruining society. Media & disinformation are

  4. If you are unvaccinated: We know that the death rate in COVID is low and even lower in younger/healthy individuals. If you are willing to take that risk; roll the dice. You most likely will win that bet, but there are many that lost that bet. I wouldn't take that bet, but I also wouldn't hop on the back of a motorcycle. 

  5. If you don't think I'm a little extra yet: check out my YouTube page for my detailed diatribe on this vaccinated vs. unvaccinated culture the media has created.

Government Spending

Let's just ignore the spending and resources that went into last year's "audit". The legal fees the AZ senate incurred to stop the public from accessing public records are criminal. The Arizona Supreme Court ruled these documents were public records and yet they continue to fight.

Clear Ballot Group, an experienced audit group sent a bid for $400k. Between the AZ Senate and AZ AG Mark B. they've spent nearly double that. It's not their money though right?

Isn't the Governor of Arizona under investigation for a 100M dollar tax break to a big oil company?

Is this really the party of fiscal responsibility? 

Direct Democracy

What matters more to you? The issue you are voting on? Or do you care that elected officials follow the will of the voters? Even if you don't agree with the issue I hope we all agree our votes are supposed to matter.

Arizona is one of only 15-states that allow voters to initiate statutes and amendments. That is beyond amazing; that is democracy in action!

Unfortunately, our lawmakers purposely undermine the will of the people. They create workarounds to measures that the majority of Arizonans want, they purposely make it difficult to gather signatures, and new in 2022 they want us to vote to limit our own power.


  • Arizonans voted 65 to 35 against expanding school vouchers. What do they do in 2021? Use COVID relief funds to expand school vouchers.


  • Prop 208 passed 51.75% to 48.25%. This increased taxes on those making greater than 250k/yr and would be used to fund education.


  • AZ Supreme Court ruled that voters could increase the tax, but the money couldn't be used unless lawmakers voted to increase the aggregate spending limit. A simple solution to respect voters.

  • Instead, they decided to counter the tax increase by passing a flat tax.

  • Voters collected enough signatures to let voters decide if a flat tax should be implemented.


  • Voters will not get to decide if flat tax will go into effect because they are just going to pass a new law that lowers taxes further.

  • Lawmakers put two measures on the ballot that will weaken the power of ballot measures:

    1. Allows the legislature to amend or repeal voter-approved ballot measures that contain provisions ruled unconstitutional or invalid by the state or federal supreme court

    2. Requires citizen-initiated ballot measures to embrace a single subject

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